The background of Infinitme Hypnosis and Chad Schultz, CH

Chad Schultz, CHWelcome! I am Chad Schultz, CH. The “CH” means I am a Certified Hypnotist. Specifically, I am certified through the IMDHA.

I formed Infinitme Hypnosis as my personal practice to help people with their self-improvement goals. You can see some important details about the practice by reading my Client Bill of Rights.

I’m originally from Michigan. I graduated with a 4.0 in Computer Information Systems from Ferris State University, then moved down here to San Antonio to work for a major corporation as a software engineer. I realized that cubicles and staff meetings were not enough to satisfy my drive–that I needed more. At the same time, I discovered hypnosis and researched it thoroughly. I was astounded by how simple mental discipline could do so much more to help people than through willpower!

As I like to say, “the difficulty with trying to change yourself through WILL power is that it isn’t nearly as strong as your WON’T power!” We struggle because different parts of ourselves, of our subconscious mind, desire different things. Rather than continue to fight ourselves, hypnosis makes it easy to play mediator to our subconscious and adjust those inner drives to become more beneficial to us.

Seeing how I was able to help friends overcome challenges in a single session they had struggled with for years, I decided to take classes to become certified so I could really learn this skill and help many more people. While I was doing this, it so happened that I lost my job (mere weeks after I got back from the month-long business trip in India they sent me on, no less)! I took this as a sign that the corporate world was definitely not where I belonged, and formed Infinitme Hypnosis.

My other interests include public speaking (I am an avid and experienced Toastmaster), entrepreneurship, martial arts, social media, web design, NLP, other cultures, real estate investing (see my other business, Worthwhile Properties). Feel free to ask me about any of these subjects!

The name “Infinitme” (pronounced like “infinity” but with the “me” sound at the end instead of the “ee” sound) is a portmanteau of “infinite” and “me.” ┬áThe concept is that every person has infinite potential. We tend to set limits on our own abilities. It’s easy to believe that we can’t do public speaking, can’t run our own business, can’t get good grades, can’t relax, can’t lose weight… and that we will be that way forever. Most people grow up absorbing the beliefs of those around them. They limit themselves to the same place, the same culture, the same jobs, the same economic level, never dreaming that they could be anything else. This is a fallacy. People can do amazing things, so instead of accepting defeat, dream dreams, set goals, and drive yourself to achieve them. What would you like to improve?

This concept is also reflected by my tagline, “self-improvement has no limit.” There is no end to how you can improve yourself and grow as a person. There is also a second meaning, however. Self-improvement has no limit, meaning there is no end to the self-improvement process. It isn’t enough to overcome one challenge, to take one step. Once you have reached that goal, where will you go next? You’re either growing or stagnating. What is your next step? And the step after that?

When I received my first black belt, I discovered the core of the belt is white. This is no accident. Someone like my sensei, who trained for over 40 years, had a belt that looked more gray than black… the outer coating wearing away around the belt, showing more and more of the white–the color of the beginner’s belt. The lesson? No matter how long you study, train and teach… you always, always have more to learn and can get better. Self-improvement has no limit.

In addition to limitless self-improvement, there are several other factors to my business philosophy:

If you don’t have integrity, you have nothing. I realized some time ago that we all judge someone, their efforts and capabilities and their businesses and governments, by their personal integrity. Finding out that a CEO cheats at poker may make us unwilling to purchase from their Fortune 500 company. Even hearing someone jest about considering something unethical, simply as a joke and not seriously, can shape our opinion of them forever. I want to be known as a man of integrity, and for my business to exemplify this.

One of my dreams is to enhance the reputation of hypnosis on a large scale. I am flabbergasted that such an amazing and simple tool for self-development has so little awareness and so much information. I want more and more of San Antonio to recognize how hypnosis can help them.

A simpler goal is to run Infinitme Hypnosis paperlessly. In the modern age, there is no reason information cannot be sent and received completely electronically. This is a work in progress, but I am striving to get as much of the business as I can paperless. I hope more and more businesses will do this as well.

Have some questions? Read this web site–you may find a lot of your questions answered. Then go to the Contact page and feel free to talk to me for a free consultation or make an appointment!