Services & Fees

Details of different packages, programs and payments


Basic Challenges

Most hypnosis requests qualify as basic challenges. Many people make significant progress with only one session.

A basic session is $100. However, you may return for up to three more appointments on the same challenge at no extra cost if you feel the need.

For example, if you come in for a smoking cessation session, but you experience urges a few weeks after the first session, you are completely welcome to a free reinforcement session. However, if you then want to come in to work on self-confidence, that would be a new challenge and would require another payment.

Note that this is not a guarantee. I may decline hypnosis services to anyone for any reason if I feel it is best for the client or best for myself.

I strongly recommend the “basic challenge package,” below.

Basic Challenge Package

A package of four basic challenges is $300. Each individual challenge has up to four appointments if you need it. This not only a great way to save money (25% off!), but encourages you to improve in multiple areas, not just one. Remember, “self-improvement has no limit”!

NOTE: if you purchase this specific package, use some of your challenges (but less than all four), then decide you have no need for all four, you may ask to have the difference refunded. For example, if you purchased this package, came in for appointments for fear of heights, then decided that was all you wanted, I would act as if you had only purchased an individual basic challenge and would refund the difference. This means that there’s no reason to not purchase this package–so start making your list of what you want to work on!

Advanced Challenge

An advanced challenge (consisting of four appointments) costs $300. With a basic challenge, the expectation is that you will only need one appointment, but if necessary you get extra sessions. With an advanced challenge, the expectation is that you will need at least four appointments. If more than four appointments are needed, you can continue coming at the rate $75 for each appointment related to that challenge. The initial package format is designed to ensure that you commit to taking the time to make a difference.

Advanced challenges include weight control, addictions and health-related issues, among others.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for a basic or advanced challenge costs the same as the regular service. Packages of four, however, intended for four different people, are 25% off. So a basic challenge gift certificate is $100, but a package of four basic challenge gift certificates is only $300. With those sort of savings, you can give them to everyone on your list for their own self-improvement goals… whether it be post-holiday weight loss or stress relief from the hustle and bustle!

Remote Sessions

If, for whatever reason, you cannot or do not wish to come to the office, I will perform some types of sessions over Skype or phone. This will be charged exactly the same as if you were physically at the office. Depending on the situation and the challenge you want to work on, I may decline remote sessions for that specific purpose. I recommend coming in person if at all possible.



On the intake form, I ask new clients if someone recommended them to me. If you were the one who recommended them to me, you earn points towards free sessions that you can use yourself or give to friends.

Referring a basic challenge client is 25 points. Referring an advanced challenge client is 100 points. Only the first service they purchase earns you referral points.

100 points earns you a free basic challenge. 400 points earns you an advanced challenge.


Not everyone can afford hypnosis, and I understand that. If you would love to use hypnosis to improve yourself, but feel that you cannot afford the rate, please fill out the intake form anyway and note your situation on there. This information is useful to me–for example, I may form a group workshop with lower rates than individual sessions if there are many people  who want to work on the same challenge. There are no guarantees of anything, but it’s possible we may be able to work something out. This is an experimental approach.


Cancellation Fee

If you reschedule or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours warning, there will be a $15 fee that must be paid before any services will be rendered.

House Call Fee

I do, infrequently, make house calls. There is a flat rate of $10, plus $1 for every mile from my office to that location (one way, using Google Maps for reference). At least this sum must be paid before the day of the appointment. Also note that if there are multiple appointments, each individual appointment outside the office will have a house call fee.


There are no  guarantees in hypnosis. It all depends on the situation, the person involved and your own willingness to change. You have much more motivation to change when you have “skin in the game,” so to speak.

However, refunds will be provided if no service has been performed and less than two months have passed since the payment date.  This also applies to packages, which have many appointments but one payment date. Note that gift certificates will generally have an expiration date longer than this, past which they cannot be used, but the two-month limit still applies for refunds.