Running a Paperless Practice

Posted on Aug 3, 2010 in Blog | 4 comments

I have certain guiding principles and goals for my hypnosis practice: in addition to integrity and limitless self-improvement, I want to run Infinitme Hypnosis paperlessly.

Partially this is an environmental measure; partially it is a cost-reducing measure; partially it is an efficiency measure. The basic point is this: paper is waste. In the 21st century, there is no longer such a need to have everything on dead tree. In electronic format it can easily be copied, backed up, searched and archived, while taking no physical space.

This is certainly an ongoing process, not an overnight goal. I hope you will support me as, step by step, I strive to move away completely from paper. I welcome suggestions on how to do this!

Here are some of the challenges I face and how I intend to resolve them:

  • Marketing: I will focus on online marketing and public speaking, rather than paper media such as newspapers and yellow pages
  • Brochures: when I have information that you, as a client, should know it should be available online and/or be emailed to you, instead of giving you a paper pamphlet that can be easily misplaced.
  • Session recordings: CDs are still available, but my preference is to provide your recording as an MP3 download that only you can access.
  • Intake forms: now you can provide all your information and consent in electronic format. This also makes my records easier to access to look up needed data.
  • Business cards: this is a particular challenge. Instead of paper business cards, I am experimenting with using promotional pens that have a soothingly scented grip. The ideal would be to not need any physical object at all, but I have not found a good solution for that. Suggestions are appreciated!

4 Responses to “Running a Paperless Practice”

  1. I am asking this literally, so please don’t take it as being snarky.

    -Payment: Will you only accept electronic means? Only credit cards? Paypal?

    What is your plan for marketing, if I may ask? Social media? Google ads?

    I, for one, appreciate your commitment. The day the last “yellow pages” company goes out of business will be a good day for Mother Earth.

  2. Great stuff Chad! Going paperless is a very smart move! Keep online marketing your nr 1 priority esp with social media, etc. Also once you have all things set start google adwords by creating specific landing pages.

    Also you should invest in a single seat license of CRM in the days to come! Ask me for any help on this! :)

  3. Doesn’t the pen defeat the paperless concept since they are designed to write on paper?

  4. Chad Schultz says:

    Thanks for your comments all!

    Pens: the pen is a less than perfect solution. It would be better to have no physical object whatsoever. I appreciate ideas on how to solve this “business card problem.” Pens do have the advantage of being something that people can actually use, where business cards tend to get lost, discarded, or forgotten in the back of a desk drawer.

    Marketing: although I may speak or present in events around San Antonio, my emphasis will be online marketing through various means.

    Payments: I can process credit cards. I hope one day to only accept electronic forms of payments, but it may be some time before I have a client base that is comfortable with that.

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