Hypnosis Evidence

There are numerous credible resources showing the efficacy of hypnosis

There is no more question of whether hypnosis exists and works than there is of the law of gravity. Unfortunately, there is a wealth of misinformation our culture and less awareness than there should be. Here are some good resources.


Wikipedia has a wonderful hypnosis reference.

Organizations and Hypnosis

An entire division of the American Psychological Association is devoted to the study of hypnosis–Division 30, the Division of Psychological Hypnosis

Here is the Texas Psychological Association, citing Psychologist’s Licensing Act (Texas state law), which lists hypnosis as part of psychology

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Office Standards and Education certifies forensic hypnotists. They hypnotize witnesses to help the witnesses remember more details.

News Media

CNN published an article with general information about hypnosis

CBS aired an episode on using hypnosis instead of anesthesia

ABC News published an article on the ways hypnosis helps with diabetes